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A 10-Step Process for
Contemplating and Harnessing
Your Spiritual Styles

As you work with your dominant and latent styles, please consider the following steps. These are designed to help you awaken, contemplate and harness your spiritual styles to find answers and to cultivate a personal meditative practice from authentic resources.  Please use these steps as a guide for journaling in your worksheets.

The following steps can also provide a structure for your process of working with your dyad partner, mentor or mentee.

Step 1
Profile Tool Results
Complete & contemplate your profile tool results.

Step 2
Describe this style.
Contemplate and describe the style you will harness in your own words.

Step 3
Role Models and Exemplars.
Name and describe your role models and exemplars that exemplify this style.

Step 4
Present manifestations of this style.
Contemplate and describe how your present manifestation of this style shapes your sense of the spiritual and your contemplative practice.

Step 5
Future use of this style.
Contemplate and describe how this style can be harnessed in the future and what teachers and resources you will seek out to learn from.

Step 6
Strengths and limitations.

Contemplate and describe both the strengths and limitations when approaching spiritual knowledge and practice exclusively through this style.

Step 7
Supporting this Style with Other Styles
Name and describe other spiritual styles within you that could help balance and support this style.

Step 8
Activating a latent Style
If this style is not your primary style, what can you do to awaken and engage this style in the service of your own spiritual development?

Step 9
Harnessing the styles for finding answers.
What Spiritual Questions will you explore by harnessing this style?

Step 10
Harnessing this Style in InterSpiritual Meditation

As you cultivate your practice of InterSpiritual Meditation experiment with how this style, along with others, can enhance your practice of each of the seven steps